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The Association of South Asian Professionals of BC

Our Purpose

The Association of South Asian Professionals of British Columbia (“ASAP”) is a recently formed non-profit organization consisting of South Asian Professionals from various disciplines including law, engineering, education, sales, marketing, finance, medicine, accounting, media, technology and business. ASAP is a non-political, nondenominational organization.

The vision of ASAP is to exhibit social responsibility through positive action in the general community, foster leadership by acting as role models and mentors, and advocate for social issues in British Columbia. In addition, ASAP provides a forum for South Asian Professionals in various disciplines to interact, network and learn from each other.

The South Asian community has had a significant positive impact upon the growth and development of British Columbia and Canada for over 100 years. Unfortunately, in the recent past certain events have occurred in the South Asian community which have created an unflattering and inaccurate portrayal of South Asians in the general community.

ASAP members have taken the initiative to address this portrayal of South Asians by engaging in positive actions in the general community. ASAP actively encourages South Asian Professionals to become involved in socially responsible activities. It provides a vehicle for South Asian Professionals to participate in the general community and serves as a voice for those whose views have not been represented in the South Asian community.

Watch for more events to be held by ASAP in the near future. If you are interested in joining ASAP or to find out more information, contact our President, Jindy Bhalla LLB at

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Upcoming Events

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